Towards VIII Russian Philosophy Congress
Historically, the mission of philosophy is tied to its ability to make universal unifying statements.
This unique ability which has given philosophy the status of an universal mediator capable of speaking equally and univocally with experts and laypeople now calls the philosophical community to a special task of enlightenment and worldview-building.
At the time of the Enlightenment knowledge and education have attained the status of timeless universal values and, at the same time, were linked to a specific civilsational project - European science and European educational system& Since then, however, the world has changed.
We live in an era of rising cultural complexity expressed in European cultural project losing its unchallenged position of leadership, in fragmentation of all social fields (including the field of intellectual culture, one most familiar for philosophers).The world is growing more complex, it is losing the simplicity and univocality of epistemic criteria and values, but it is gaining new centers and growing variety of discursive practices.
In this polycentric world, the possibility of a universal unifying statement seems questionable. But the fragmented social space and the growing variety of discursive practiced do not exclude the search for the universals; instead, they heighten the demand. In the polycentric world philosophy has to become the universal mediator, capable of building bridges and facilitating transfer of knowledge and values between various centres and their cultures.

Reflexion without reduction, unity without dominance, universals without hegemony and concordance without oppression - just a few of the cultural benchmarks of the polycentric world, forming the goals for the universal unifying statement for the world we live in.
Some of the topics to be discussed at the Congress:
Polycentricity of the contemporary world as its irreducible cultural and civilisational diversity. Cultural identity and national consciousness in the world of irreducible diversity.
Polycentricity in contemporary Russia as abolition of a single fixed identity. How to re-gather a polycentric spiritual and cultural space in Russia?
Communicative function of philosophy in the context of current polycentric society. Philosophy as a mediator of local epistemologies, an instrument of reflexion, and as an instrument of liberal arts expertise.
Polycentricity of philosophy itself: how to maintain dialogue between various branches of philosophy? Is philosophy still a unified field?
Polycentricity of personal philosophies. Philosophy as a personal project and a calling.
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